The multi-billion dollar e-commerce industry is shaping out to be a hotspot for startups looking to make a name for themselves, and to attract a greater number of loyal consumers. And it’s no surprise. Considering the fact that the industry has all the algorithms perfectly set in place; and has also consolidated itself with the online mobile revolution; which is at its apex as we speak.

2016 was a year of highs and lows in the online marketing world. Youtube was the all-time low, with multiple companies pulling out their ads in response to backlash from the media about sponsoring ‘unethical’ content. Our highs however, came from the new gems that made a name for themselves in the market. From the word go, these startups battled head to head with established giants to swiftly place themselves at the peak of the pecking order. And it’s high time we reviewed their performance. So without further ado, here are the top 2016 startups and why we should continuously keep an eye on them.


Boxed came up with one of the most unique ideas and turned it into an overnight success. Free delivery of consumers’ favorite products to their doorstep, had just about every city dweller instantly hooked. And it’s all possible through the use of their mobile phones. Boxed has continued to provide excellent delivery services to its consumers. And it’s no wonder that it’s making headlines; with sales increasing exponentially in the first quarter of 2017.


With a compelling tagline that states, “E-commerce Reimagined”, Viralstyle offers companies and consumers alike the opportunity to create their unique and customizable products the way they see it fit. Marketers now have the opportunity to visualize their brand, and if they fall short of creativity, the company has a brilliant brain pool to create the perfect designs for them. This company has been growing steadily, branching into brand management, social media, and analytics development for their clients’ products. We can only imagine what they have in store for their consumers by the end of 2017.



Though Porch has been around since 2015, it can be considered a startup because of only 2 years of experience in their field; but has surpassed many in terms of delivery of service and customer satisfaction. This platform enables home owners to get in touch with any home improvement service from the comfort of their phones. Currently, the company has a strong following in the Pacific Northwest, more specifically the Seattle area.



If you thought LinkedIn was where you could hire the crème de la crème of a given profession, then you were mistaken. Enter Hired, and you will find that this is where the most qualified professionals have set up shop. In fact, the vetting process in Hired is so intense, that they only select the top 5% of most qualified professionals in a given field. Companies like Evernote, Facebook, and Github are using the platform to target hires for vacant positions in their companies. Whether you are looking for employment, or for a professional, then this is the one platform you should keep an eye on throughout 2017.