eBay is known to continuously improve the ease of transaction between buyers and sellers on the marketplace. The ecommerce giant recently introduced the Questions & Answers (Q&A) feature which will be launched this week and added to the View Item pages in October. Sellers will be able to provide answers directly to the questions that buyers may have about a particular item during the course of the transaction. This will help sellers gain the trust of potential buyers by gradually building trust around their products, close more sales and have a higher conversion rate.


What Exactly Does eBay’s Questions & Answers means?

The new Questions & Answers feature will give sellers and recent buyers of a product the opportunity to provide an answer to questions posted by potential buyers of the product. With the new Q & A, shoppers will be able to ask only questions that are relevant to the particular product to be purchased. The feature will apply on product pages and not specifically on listing pages as most buyers think it would be.


The feature will appear on product pages from listings, catalogue information, and items specifics content that make a part of the 200 million pages on eBay. However, the specifics of the listings will not disappear as it is needed for buyers to see the update on the delivery of items ordered or when they want to ask questions about the condition of the products.


Sellers can opt not to enable the feature. For those that choose to have it enabled, once a question is asked, an email may be sent to the sellers and recent buyers, and the sellers can respond on the product pages. Buyers will still be able to use the Ask a question option to ask as specific questions about a listing, such as the shipping options.


Once the feature is automatically added to the View Item pages, it will give an added benefit to sellers that respond to buyers’ questions. The answers will be ranked at the top of your listings which other buyers will be able to view, giving you additional exposure and better chances of closing a sale.

Just as it is done with reviews, eBay will moderate the questions asked by buyers to see how relevant to the product they are, as well as how appropriate they are. Sellers will be able to report any inappropriate content using the Report button.


Potential benefits of the Q & A feature

This feature is best seen as a presale feature aimed at helping buyers make better decisions when making a purchase. Just as potential buyers go through reviews and view product pictures or videos on Amazon product pages (which are not yet available on eBay product pages), they will be able to view the answers you provide to questions on eBay product page. However, since user generated multimedia are so popular, it can be expected to be seen on eBay soon.


Final verdict

Ultimately, adding this feature to product pages will provide dynamic content on them, improve SEO and consequently increase conversion. Though as a seller, you have the option to opt out of from using the feature, it is advisable to see how it impacts sales before doing so.


The fact that the feature will be automatically enabled for sellers means that, even if you choose to opt out, other sellers who are competitors might be using it and probably affect your sales. Hence, you should think prudently before disabling the feature.