eBay is a giant e-commerce platform with a huge customer base. It is not surprising at all to see those whose sole purpose of using the profiting services of the platform is to carry out fraudulent activities. Being a user of the marketplace and having to sift through fake after fake to get to the hidden gems and offers is not easy. It can demotivate anyone from even visiting the site, let alone transact on it. In the bid to address this issue, the e-commerce giant has announced the advent of its latest weapon, known as eBay Authenticate which is aimed at eliminating the plight.


The feature is still under evaluation, eBay promises that the feature will roll out to buyers and sellers throughout the year. Yes, that’s right, buyers and sellers. The use of the feature is not restricted to just buyers, sellers will also be able to use this feature for some types of inventory. eBay Authenticate will introduce a middle man between buyer and seller to help establish a product’s uniqueness. The new scheme allows the seller to pay for an item to be sent over to the third party prior to auction. After receiving the product, the authenticator then performs a real life inspection, before sending the item to the buyer if all is in order. Additionally, a buyer can pay for an authenticator if the seller decides not to.


The eBay Authenticate feature for sellers

When the usage of the feature finally starts, sellers will be able to add it to inventories and listings of high-end fashion items such as handbags, for free. It will then be indicated that on the listing that the item will be subjected to review by a third party professional authenticator before been delivered to the buyer. If the item successfully passes the stage of inspection, it is then forwarded to the buyer. This service will be beneficial to sellers in the sense that it will help drive sales, promote products, and get top dollar for their items sold.


The eBay Authenticate feature for buyers

For listings in the target inventory set where the seller hasn’t adopted the authentication service, the buyer will still have the ability to utilize the service for a fee. Same process as above, but the buyer pays. For increased assurance of authenticity, if the buyer receives an item that has supposedly passed inspection, but still not authentic, eBay will refund the buyer twice the original amount of the item. In essence, the feature add an extra layer of protection for sellers and boosts confident level of transaction online.



In essence, the new eBay Authenticate will undoubtedly improve the security of conducting transactions on the marketplace. Improved security comes with lot of advantages for both sellers and buyers, and all these at a reasonable price. The successful use of this service will be an added advantage for eBay itself. It will definitely help increase the customer base and consequently the profit margin for the company.