Any seller on eBay can testify to the how intense the competition on the marketplace is. You create beautiful listings on eBay, put the best effort to keyword optimization in your title, price competitively and sales still doesn’t come, probably because the traffic to the listings are not close to being enough. eBay also understands this and promised to offer a solution to the issue through the “eBay Promoted listings”.


As promised, eBay made good on that pledge. However, sellers have to be located in the United States to use this feature. Also, some listings such as motors fitment and auctions are still restricted from using Promoted Listings. The introduction of this feature is an indication of how serious eBay takes the improvement of the quality of services offered to the users of the platform.


At the start, sellers were able to use promoted listings for only multi-quantity listings and select categories of single-quantity items. In the bid to continuously improve the platform, eBay is now allowing sellers to use promoted listings for single quantity, one-of-a-kind items in all categories but Motors fitment listings.


What is eBay Promoted Listings?

eBay Promoted listings is a service that allows sellers to boost the visibility of their listings through the placement of ads for buyers to see when they visit the platform. This is a great way of increasing the chances of closing a sale on the marketplace.


A promoted listings ad contains information which are automatically retrieved from your listings. They include primary photo, title of your listing, the price and format. Any changes you make to your listing will automatically appear in your ad as well. Just like SEO, using eBay promoted listings gets your listings ranked high and beat the competition.


To use the service, Sellers will have to set the amount they wish to pay for a promoted listing ad and then they can start, stop, or make adjustments as they deem fit at any point in time. Using promoted listing allows sellers to make data backed up decisions with the detailed performance metrics. Sellers pay for a promoted listing only when a buyer clicks the ad and purchases the item within 30 days.


Advantages of promoted listings

The beautiful thing about the eBay’s promoted listings is that, as opposed to PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, it is driven by performance. The seller is only asked to pay when a buyer clicks on an ad and make the purchase of the item viewed within a period of 30 days. In addition to this, eBay provides a kind of performance evaluation in the form of metrics through which users can see the effectiveness and detailed review of the Promoted listings, and with which they can make better sales decisions.


Furthermore, eBay offers credit on Promoted Listings to top rated and anchor store owners. Every quarter, can receive a $30 and $25 credit respectively. Sellers that qualify for both can get the full $55 credit which will automatically be posted to the accounts of the sellers once the promoted listings are being used.