Have you ever been online for hours looking for a particular item, that perfect match to what you wish for? eBay just solved that problem for you with its new image search technology, where shoppers can use pictures in place of words to search eBay’s catalogue of over 1.1 billion items that encompasses the new and unique. Enabled by the use of artificial intelligence, this innovative way to shop will allow people to spend less time searching for things they love and more time buying, making the entire internet shop-able on your device.

By merely hovering your mouse over a graphic image, the shop-able items on the image appear as similar items to the one the pointer of the mouse is on. The sensational part of this technology is that the items that appear aren’t handpicked, rather they are automatically matched with similar items on eBay stores.

The Revolution of Shopping

This technology is the future of shopping, and it’s already here. eBay had excelled in mobile shopping about a decade ago, and there hasn’t been a fundamental reorientation of the way we shop since then. There had been upgrades like voice search, which was only an alternative to inputting text in the search box, and moreover it only meant not using the keyboard. The advent of barcodes came in, this only works if you have the product and packaging right in front of you. However, image search where on eBay you can find items based wholly on what you can see, that is the future.

A world where you look at any image and can easily crop out the item that is of interest to you using this technology to search for that product. It is more dazzling when intense imaginations of the extent of use of this technology is put to use. Imagine watching a movie and seeing what you like on screen, right there and then you can pause the movie to take a screenshot and search for the item in the film on eBay.

Enabled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning

For the sole purpose of solving the challenge of seemingly lavishing hours searching stores or the web as a whole for certain products or items, eBay applied artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. These technologies are already existing across eBay experience making the Marketplace versatile product catalog easily searchable. The continuous use of eBay image search will be enable eBay produce better filtered results, ranging from new, nearly new, and used items.

eBay is at a technological advantage due to its rich set of user generated images and item that they have collected through the years. By the application of machine learning technology, eBay can deliver fast and reliable shopping experience backed by one the world’s largest commerce data sets.