The giant ecommerce company, eBay, is continually focused on providing shoppers with unique and satisfactory experiences to allow them to easily find what they need on the platform. Earlier this week, the company made it known to the public that Online Repair Manuals are now available for about 80 percent of the cars on the road. The manuals will be provided as an add-on purchase when buyers purchase a motor part on the platform.


From surveys conducted, users keep their cars for an average of about 12 years, and the repair and maintenance of vehicles over that period is definitely of utmost importance to drivers. With this new move by eBay, shoppers on the platform will have access to Online Repair Manuals.


eBay is undoubtedly one of the largest automotive marketplaces in the world, with a varying selection of new and used vehicles, parts and accessories. The brand is expanding to offer more end-to-end solutions and with the company’s vast experience in ecommerce, eBay is definitely one of, if not the best choice for buyers in providing convenient streamlined automotive shopping experience.


As said by the eBay Motors’ Vice president, Todd Madeiros,

“With Online Repair Manuals, we are taking the shopping experience one step further for our buyers by providing them with the parts and resources – including expert instructions – that can help shoppers make their rides an extension of their unique individuality and meet their needs.” He also added that “with three parts or accessories sold on eBay every second, our end-to-end services offer huge value to our shoppers.”

Once purchase has been made, the online repair manuals will be accessible through an access code which will be delivered by email. Because of the differences between the personal shopping journeys of each customer, eBay is allowing shoppers to choose the leght of time they wish to have access to the online repair manuals. It could be for a period of 14 days, 90 days or a full year.


It is obvious that this new addition of Online Repair Manuals to the platform is an attempt to improve on the continuing development of fitment data of vehicles. This new option follows a series of recent enhancements to the Motors platform, including the announcement of eBay’s tire installation services and the improved eBay Motors homepage and a partnership with TrueCar.


As oppose to traditional automotive parts stores that offers new parts only, eBay provides a pool of accessories as well as used parts from which shoppers can make a selection on what they need. eBay offers many used, refurbished, performance, and rare spare parts which are made available by individual car enthusiasts and sellers who are professionals in the field. This exceptional mix of parts and accessories makes eBay the number one choice of many car owners when looking to purchase what they need. As of today, eBay Motors Parts & Accessories ranks as one of the largest automotive marketplaces with some of the widest selection of parts and accessories.



eBay is yet to provide any information on the pricing of the Online Repair Manuals. It may well differ from vehicle to vehicle as it is with printed manuals. To view the wide selection of Online Repair Manuals on eBay, visit