Once again, Facebook is getting into the daily deal space, this time in a joint effort with eBay. The social media giant has recently released a feature on its mobile app within the marketplace area, from which users can now check for products on eBay, shop for them but have to log in to eBay for check out. Ultimately, this new addition undoubtedly grows the focus of Facebook on being a marketplace. The feature is conspicuously located in the mobile app of Facebook, taking the top bar on Android devices and central spot on the bottom bar, between the Notifications and Videos icons on iOS.


The idea to better portray Facebook as a marketplace has always been there. Facebook is a giant social networking platform and with this new feature, the company is able to offer its users an easier and more centralized way of searching and shopping for products from local sellers. Via the integration of marketplace with messenger, you can make your items available for sale, and also chat with sellers and buyers.


Prior to this, Facebook used to be a peer-to-peer marketplace, this has recently changed as some users will be able to see the new “Daily deal” section and click through it to make purchases on eBay. For now, emphasis is laid on products in the fashion, consumer electronics and Home & Garden categories. A countdown is available at the top of the page to indicate the period of availability of the deal. You can view the actual price of an item by clicking through the deal. The eBay ShopBot app can also be used to capture links that are shared through Messenger or SMS.


As for the availability of the Daily Deals feature, a small percentage of users in the U.S. are allowed to use it for now and it can be viewed on either an Android or iOS Facebook mobile apps. The deal that Facebook made with eBay about the Daily Deals feature is not exclusive which means this new feature can be expanded to other marketplaces and third parties as things progress. For now, the feature works by redirecting users to the eBay platform to complete the transactions from within the Facebook mobile app. On the plus side, the new Daily Deals section gives Facebook a better feel of being a shopping platform.


The Daily Deals feature is still a test for now as Facebook is yet to publicly announce it. It is unclear if or when the feature will be made available to more users. In a statement, eBay also confirmed that the Daily Deals is still a test on Facebook. A spokesperson from the ecommerce giant said: “At eBay, we are always looking to broaden our reach and surface inventory through new channels…We are currently running a test with a small subset of people on Facebook in the U.S. who can browse eBay’s Daily Deals on Facebook Marketplace.”


Final verdict

Facebook launched its marketplace sometimes last year, from which users are able to buy and sell items in their local communities. This helped users capture local marketing opportunities. However, with the Daily Deals feature integration, Facebook will be able to provide more ecommerce centered solution for its users.