Today, the world of ecommerce is very competitive. It has been growing over the years and majority of transactions are carried out over the internet. As a result of this competition, retailers need to look for all possible ways to stay atop the market in order to be successful. One major way which retailers have been trying to improve is the time of delivering items to consumers because if there is something that consumers value other than quality, it is time.


When people purchase items online, they expect the item to get to them as quickly as possible and also in good condition. At the rate that ecommerce is growing, there is the need for fast deliveries and retailers are turning to very fast delivery services to exceed customer expectations, trying to better the others. Getting products immediately will definitely be more appealing to consumers.


The expectation of fast delivery

The truth of the matter is that the ecommerce giant, Amazon, has contributed a great deal to fueling this intense competition by continuously improving its delivery services. In response to this, many ambitious companies are trying to keep up with the dynamic and growing demand for faster products delivery.


As example is On the platform, conventional delivery service takes three days for the product to reach the buyer, but with the priority delivery service, the company has been able to make the delivery of its product across Europe in a day. This has given customers the choice to choose between the standard and the priority delivery service depending on how fast they need the products. Being able to offer this to customers is an added advantage for the platform. It will help keep them in the competition by keeping a happy customer base.


However, this brilliant improvements in delivery services are not made by only, other ecommerce companies too have made tremendous improvements with speeding up the delivery time. With Amazon on top of the list, the company has been looking for ways to reduce the time of product delivery. The most viable means right now seems to be robotics. Although it is reasonable to presume that automated picking will not be in play for at least a year, it is a great development to be optimistic about as it would be undoubtedly do wonders in cutting down delivery time.


Delivery time of Custom products

As opposed to mass produced products, some other products referred to as custom products, are produced based on specifications given by the buyer. Reducing the delivery time for such types of products is a challenging task. There is the need to offer a solution to this as a fast delivery can make or break a deal.


If retailers can find a way to reduce the production time of custom products, it will help in reducing the delivery time. One solution that some have made is by way of mass customization of products. This simply means taking a specific part of product that customers want, and making that part available in large quantity. All that would then be needed is to complete the production on ordering of the custom product by a potential buyer. This ultimately reduces the production time and hence, increases the speed of delivery.



Improving the service of delivery will help ecommerce businesses run far more smoothly, as well as provide a better service to customers, thus increasing sales and improving reputation.