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An overview of the new eBay Questions & Answers feature 

eBay is known to continuously improve the ease of transaction between buyers and sellers on the marketplace. The ecommerce giant recently introduced the Questions & Answers (Q&A) feature which will be launched this week and added to the View Item pages in October. Sellers will…


eBay’s Launches Promoted Listings for Single Quantity Items 

Any seller on eBay can testify to the how intense the competition on the marketplace is. You create beautiful listings on eBay, put the best effort to keyword optimization in your title, price competitively and sales still doesn’t come, probably because the traffic to the…


Full Insight To The Upcoming eBay Authenticate Service 

eBay is a giant e-commerce platform with a huge customer base. It is not surprising at all to see those whose sole purpose of using the profiting services of the platform is to carry out fraudulent activities. Being a user of the marketplace and having…


The Change To eBay’s Best Offer Auto Pricing Strategy 

A feature on eBay, known as Best Offer allows increased sales without any extra cost or time investment. With the eBay’s Best Offer feature, buyers are able to initiate conversations with sellers and make attempts to beat down the price of a product. Of course,…