Christmas is fast approaching and as usual, Amazon, the e-commerce giant is looking to hire seasonal staffs to cope with the Black Friday or Cyber Monday Christmas shopping. The company is looking to recruit 20,000 new members to work across its UK network of fulfillment centers this festive season.


Last year during Christmas period, 3,000 staff members were recruited to work at the Swansea. However, the number of Amazon fulfillment centers in the UK has increased over the year, consequently resulting in the reduction of the staffs to be recruited in the Swansea center. 2000 of the new Amazon roles will be stationed to work at the Jersey Marine site in Swansea fulfillment center, the other 18,000 spread across the country. This supports the statement that Amazon will be taking on a lot of casual labor this year.


Amazon’s vice president of UK operations, John Tagawa said: “The thousands of seasonal associates who join us at this time each year play an integral role in helping us deliver an exceptional experience for our customers during the Christmas season. We look forward to welcoming back the people who join us each and every Christmas as well as many new faces who will be joining the Amazon team for the first time.”


He added that: “As we continue to grow our network, there will be opportunities for people who join us in seasonal roles to transfer to permanent positions. I am delighted that more than 2,000 people who worked for Amazon in seasonal positions last Christmas are now in permanent roles.”


Amazon claims it has invested £4.6bn in the UK economy to build and run its UK business since 2010. Presently, the online retail giant has ten fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, with two new centers underway in Coalville, Leicestershire, and Manchester by next month. This will create 1,500 new permanent jobs over three years.


Although Amazon is creating more than 20,000 seasonal positions across the UK, the company has been criticized by the UK Members of Parliament (MPs) on the subject of avoiding tax. Sometimes in August, the GMB union claimed that Amazon is working its UK distribution workforce to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. The company responded by providing a link to its blurb which states: “We care for and value our associates and maintain a culture of direct dialogue with them.”


At the very least, if you are considering working for Amazon, a temporary job is a good way to get the exposure you need to decide if the job is right for you or not.