As of today, the only way to control your Alexa has been with the Dot device or Amazon Echo. However, reports indicate that as an addition to its range of voice-controlled devices, Amazon is planning to release a pair of Alexa-enabled smart glasses.


The e-commerce giant is working on Amazon Alexa spectacles, the company’s first wearable device that could be used to control its virtual assistant Alexa at any time and anywhere. The pair of “smart glasses” can be worn and kept about you most of the time.


Amazon is not the first company to try fusing technology into a pair of spectacles. There was the Google Glass experiment and Snapchat’s Spectacles. The Google Glass was in the news for some time but its reign was short-lived. Contentiously, they incorporated a camera which was perceived as an invasion of privacy by users. Also, Snapchat’s Spectacles was a more straightforward camera-enabled set of smart glasses. However, the public didn’t receive the Glasses with an open hand.


Unlike these previous smart glasses, the Amazon spectacles won’t in any way feature a camera, eliminating the concern of privacy. Instead, the new spectacles will be linked to Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistance, Alexa, through a bone-conduction audio system, which transmits sounds into the wearer’s head by vibrating their skull, rather than through headphones inserted in their ear.


Most likely, the device would be connected via a wireless connection and designed to look like a regular pair of glasses, which could be worn comfortably without any obstruction. This ultimately means there would be no need of inserting headphones into the ears.

As of now, there is no clear indication on how this will be connected, maybe to a home network or a larger application. It is, however, expected that a detailed announcement on how the spectacles will function be made by the company soon.


Amazon Echo was launched in November 2014 in the US. The program was slowly inducted into the UK and Germany market over the next 2 years. Amazon began expanding the reach of the program in 2016. The company released smaller Echo Dot, the Echo Look camera and the Echo Show with a screen. According to reports from a research firm, CIRP, as of today, Amazon Echo has a 76% share of the smart speaker market in the United States. Google Home comes second with the remaining 24% of the market.


Since the advent of such devices, owners use them in controlling home automation accessories, like thermostats, lights, electrical outlets, appliances and security systems.


In addition, this pair of spectacles seems to not be the only upcoming product to be launched. The company is also said to be expanding its “smart home” hardware line-up with a new home security camera system. The internet-connected camera would tie into its Echo products, for instance allowing people to view the video feed on Echo Show’s screen, and letting Amazon customers see when their orders from the site have been delivered to their doorstep.