The number of business people buying and selling on Amazon keeps growing by the day, hence the need to step up the level of customer Support to meet the growing community. Amazon is hiring a ton of auxiliary customer service personnel to make money working from home on nights and weekends. Enterprising stay-at-home dads and mums everywhere will basically see this as a great opportunity.

In a recent press release, Amazon introduced their plan to recruit more than 5,000 part-time employees who will be capable of making money working from home as customer service agents. This is part of the online giant’s move to recruit over 30,000 part-time employees over the course of next year. In addition to this, employees who work at least 20 hours per week will obtain corporation benefits, such as healthcare, paid break day, financial savings plans, and also gain entry to Amazon’s Career Choice program. Career Choice pre-pays ninety-five percent of tuition for courses in “high-demand fields, regardless of relevancy to Amazon.” The stay-at-home portion of the jobs are a part of Amazon’s “Virtual Customer Service” application, that’s designed to offer opportunities for military spouses, university college students, and parents.


Tom Weiland, Amazon Vice President for Worldwide Customer Service, explains. “There are lots of people who want or need a flexible job—whether they’re a military spouse, a college student, or a parent—and we’re happy to empower these talented people no matter where they happen to live.”

Kylee Durant, USO Vice President for Transition Technology and Innovation Programs and a military spouse herself, expressed her happiness with Amazon’s resourcefulness. “To have an innovator like Amazon apprehend the need – the deep need – that military spouses have for employment say to me they are a catalyst for more societal change in this country.” In this point in time, it’s sort of shocking more corporations aren’t this innovative.

We thought Amazon turned into exquisite for stuff like “Transparent,” Prime transport, and wine-fueled overdue night buying sprees, however, they’re providing benefits and tuition assistance to part-time employees. That’s a next level innovation. There are many people who can’t necessarily make it into an office five days a week, however, who have the ability to contribute in meaningful approaches. I don’t care where the customer support employee I’m yelling at is based, whether it’s at Amazon’s headquarters, in a warehouse in India, someplace foreign or in an army housing, or in their own kitchen, breastfeeding in their pajamas. So long as their phone works and they are able to listen and solve my problems, I’m good.

Maybe now that this type of prominent company is taking this step, others will comply with their lead. I don’t doubt they’ll be flooded with candidates for those part-time customer services roles. I know a ton of stay-at-domestic dad and mom who’d love an opportunity to talk to someone besides their children!